2015 Upgrades – Ducted Air Conditioning

For almost a year before the unveiling of our 2015 coaches, our designers and engineers worked hard at integrating all our 2015 upgrades into our new Born Frees. One of the upgrades that we are most excited about is ducted air conditioning!

Ducted AirDucted air conditioning allows improved air distribution throughout the coach. Now, instead of the cool air coming only from the centrally located A/C unit, it is also pumped through ducts to front and back of the Born Free. This helps cool the entire coach evenly and more rapidly.

Ducted air also allows better control of air flow in a Born Free. Individual vents can be shut so that air is redirected toward or away from certain areas – for instance if you wish to cool the living room quickly or if you don’t want the A/C blowing directly on you as you sleep.

Another great benefit of ducted air is that it greatly decreases the sound from the air conditioner! Our ducted air conditioning system has decreased the decibel level inside each Born Free coach by an average of 7-8 decibels, effectively decreasing the sound pressure by more than half!

We have designed our ducting system without lowering the interior ceiling height, so our Born Frees are just as spacious and provide just as much headroom as they always have.Now

And in an effort to further increase the cooling time and effectiveness of each Born Free, we have upgraded our standard 13,500 BTU air conditioner to 15,000 BTU!

Now you can enjoy the cool comfort of your Born Free even more in the heat of summer!

Check out this video to see some of the features and benefits of our ultra low profile 15,000 BTU air conditioner.


2015 Upgrades – 360 Siphon

In fulfilling our goal of constantly improving Born Frees, we look not only to the large components and features, but also to the little things.

The 360 Siphon is one of these little things that’s a big improvement! Their newly designed sewer vent cap creates negative pressure so that odors and fumes from your holding tanks do not get trapped in the tanks or get forced back into your coach – even when you’re speeding down the road!

We’re excited to add the 360 Siphon to our list of standard features.

Check out the 360 Siphon in action!

2015 Upgrades – Induction Cooktop

In our search to find the best components four our Born Frees, we continue to look within and without the RV industry. We unveiled our 2015 Born Frees in June at our Annual Factory Rally, and one of this year’s upgrades is an induction cooktop that we found in the yacht industry.

The all new Kenyon SilKEN2 induction cooktop is completely flat on top and we’ve mounted it in our countertops to that it is flush. This gives you even more countertop space when you’re not cooking. It’s also all electric and with more and more RVers looking for propane free RVs, this is a huge benefit. The easy to use digital touch controls allow you to quickly set cooking temperatures and times. It also includes an easy to clean silicone cooking mat!

If you’re a fan of traditional propane cooktops, don’t worry – we still offer those too.

Check out this video for more details!

Safer, more efficient power

Born Frees are one of the safest ways to travel. Our three rollbar safety cell system makes Born Frees’ safety nearly legendary – especially since no other Class C manufacturer uses rollbars. We also proudly offer Liquid Springs adaptive suspension! In combination with our rollbars, this system makes Born Frees’ safety and handling unparalleled.

Our concern for your safety isn’t limited just to your driving experience. We’re always looking for ways to improve our products and processes. With the introduction of SmarPlug shorelines, we’ve found yet another way to make RVing safer and easier! We’re such big believers in this product that every new Born Free comes equipped standard with a SmartPlug shoreline!SmartPlug Diagram

SmartPlug shorelines were originally developed for the marine industry and have only recently been adapted for RVs. Because they are built to withstand the rigors of boating, they are completely weatherproof – both the stainless steel inlet cover and the plug itself incorporate triple seal gaskets!

The most noticeable advantage of SmartPlugs is the ease with which you connect and disconnect them from your Born Free. No more twisting on your shoreline to make contact and then screwing down a plastic connecting collar. Simply push the SmartPlug directly into your inlet and it is locked in place by stainless steel side levers. Then, for added stability, the stainless steel cover snaps down on top of the rear of the plug. These things are solid – you pull on them hard and they aren’t going anywhere!

SmartPlug Use

This solid connection is part of the added safety of the SmartPlug. Traditional connectors can come loose if you don’t tighten them down fully and correctly or if kids in a campground trip over your cord. If that connection gets loose, the plug can actually arc and start a fire! SmartPlug’s multi-point locking system eliminates all stress and movement of the plug body.SmartPlug Thermal Image

The advantage that you can’t see is just as important as the improved stability and ease of use. SmartPlug’s design provides 20x more pin and clip surface area contact to maximize electrical transfer. What these larger contact surfaces mean for you is a drastically lower chance of arcing, and less heat than a traditional plug – both factors that make your RVing safer and more efficient.

For more info on the SmartPlug and its benefits, check out this video!

Liquid Springs – Unparalleled Safety, Handling, and Comfort

At Born Free, we pride ourselves on building safe, high quality, luxury RVs, and part of what sets us apart is looking ahead and integrating new technology and features into our coaches. Beginning with the launch of our 2014 models last June, Born Free is extremely excited to be the first and only RV in the industry to offer Liquid Springs adaptive suspension!

Liquid Springs is a Compressible Liquid Adaptive Suspension System originally developed as a revolutionary suspension solution for the ambulance and limousine industries.

Together, Liquid Springs and Born Free have adapted this technology for our luxury Class C RVs!

Liquid SpringsLiquid Springs is superior to steel or air suspension systems because it automatically and instantaneously adapts stiffness and damping independently at each wheel! This reduces jarring from poor road conditions while also increasing roll and pitch control. If you’ve ever driven an RV across Nebraska or Kansas, you’ll be shocked by how much difference this makes! Fighting high winds and drafts from semis is a cinch!

Not only does Liquid Springs make driving easier and more comfortable, but it also makes it safer! Evasive maneuvers at high speeds are much more manageable. If you meander off onto the shoulder, bringing the RV back into the lane is no longer a white-knuckle experience.

Liquid Springs also improves your driving experience with automatic load-leveling, built-in diagnostics, and “kneeling.” Liquid Springs allows you to raise your Born Free three inches or lower it three inches (for a total travel of six inches) from resting. Now climbing steep driveways or squeezing into low garages is easier!

Because Liquid Springs is a closed hydraulic silicone system, there is no need for add-on components like air dryers or heaters, and it’s maintenance free!

Here’s a short video showing some of the benefits and features of Liquid Springs on a Born Free:

We are convinced that Liquid Springs is hands down the best ride and handling available in a Class C RV! It really has to be experienced to be believed – you’ve gotta get behind the wheel! Head to Lazydays in Tampa or Tucson to take a test drive – we know you’ll be impressed!

For lots more great technical information about the ins and outs of Liquid Springs, check out their website here!

And as always, for expert advice on our chassis and which is best fit for your needs and how liquid springs improves an already great driving experience, contact Dennis Day, our Vice President and chassis advisor!

Tough enough for the OutBack

At Born Free, we take great pride in building an exceptionally high quality product that we can say with confidence is the best in the industry. Our products aren’t perfect, but we work hard to continually improve them and find the best components and materials available so that you can be enjoying your motorcoach for many years to come!

One of the new options that we’re very excited to be offering on our 2014 models is a 2,000 Watt OutBack Power True Sine sealed inverter/charger. This rugged inverter’s die-cast metal construction allows us to mount it in any position! Not only that, its weather-resistant sealed chassis, and corrosion-resistant internal components allow us to mount it anywhere!

OutBack True Sine

We’ve capitalized on this design by mounting the OutBack inverter underneath the Born Free. If you’ve ever owned a motorhome with an inverter inside of it, you know the kind of heat they put off and the sound you have to listen to from the cooling fan. By mounting this under the floor of our motorcoach, not only do we eliminate these issues, but we also free up more storage space!

In true Born Free “overbuilt” fashion, we go the extra mile and provide extra protection from the elements by fabricating and installing a 10 gauge steel splash and rock guard.

And of course, these OutBack inverter/chargers are True Sine wave output. Anything else will harm and eventually ruin the high end electronics that you use in your motorhome on a daily basis.

To top it all off, our OutBack inverter comes with a 5 year warranty!

Be sure to ask about the OutBack inverter next time you’re at Lazydays or here at our factory – maybe even crawl under one of our Born Frees and take a look!

2013 Factory Rally

Our 2014 Factory Rally is finished! We hosted almost 300 customers, employees, family, friends, and vendors – if you missed it, be sure to join us next year!

At Born Free, not only do we take building RVs seriously, we also take having fun pretty seriously 🙂 So as usual, we ate lots of great food, played lots of fun games, and unveiled our 2014 Born Frees!

Omelet Crew

Some culinary highlights included build your own omelet bar, pancake breakfast, prime rib dinner, pulled pork sandwiches, and a good old-fashioned pot luck! Congratulations to the winners of this year’s game tournaments – you know who you are and you’ve got the medals to prove it! As a rare treat this year, some of the Born Free team put on a skit that they probably wish hadn’t been recorded.

Those of you who didn’t make it to the rally will be pleased to hear that our new Born Frees are We’ve packed lots of new features, options, and improvements into our 2014 models that we’re excited to share with you!Born Free dance team

As you can see, we’ve updated our decals and now we offer full body paint (I’ll post those pictures later). Around the factory, we affectionately call these our “open road” decals. Along with our bold new design, we’re offering bold new colors. We also have the ability to special order these decals in just about any color you want!

Also new for 2014 are frameless insulated glass panel windows! They have a modern, clean look and the double seal moisture barrier ensure that they’ll keep you warm and dry!Medalists

At Born Free, we believe in giving you everything you need to get on the road and living your dreams in our “standard” models. We are unique among Class C manufacturers because we include things like generator, air conditioning, awning, GPS, back-up camera, inverter, and much more as standard features. In 2014, we upgraded our awnings and now every Born Free comes standard with an electric awning complete with remote, light, wind sensor, and automatic rain shed! Our goal is to make RVing as easy and enjoyable as possible, and these are just some of the “standard” features we include to realize that goal!

Stay tuned for more info about the 40+ new features and options!